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Exciting editing with Doctor Diamantis

I absolutely loved being the editor for Doctor Diamantis’ long awaited cookbook project! I had read his previous non-fiction books (about our bodies’ ability to self heal and women’s hormonal balance) and was genuinely impressed, not only by his immense medical insights, but also by his natural talent for transmitting his knowledge. Diamantis walks his talk!

Dream Team!

The cookbook was an intense and rewarding project. It was a privilege to work alongside Diamantis and watch the book take shape according to his instructions and ideas. I was also very fortunate to team up with Stephanie Sifvert (photography & layout), Alva Brobakken (recipe creation) and Italgraf Media (Print and Graphic Arts). Such a dream team!

Food is medicine — and pleasure!

Det läkande köket (The Healing Kitchen) is a (beautiful!) cookbook that takes us on a culinary health journey where the main focus is on the savoury experience. Food is medicine, but it is also an important pleasure in life. We can eat well and at the same time choose foods that do us good. Join in on an exciting deep dive into the healing power of food, from ancient knowledge to the latest scientific findings.

Mediterranean scents & oriental spices

The healing kitchen is a sensory voyage where simmering slow food pots harmonise with practical everyday dishes and energy packed breakfasts. Mediterranean scents, aromatic herbs and oriental spices blend naturally in delicious dishes that are best enjoyed together with family and friends.

Key Features

The Healing Kitchen is a valuable resource for anyone who is looking for delicious, healthy, and easy-to-prepare recipes. Here are some key features:

  • All recipes have detailed, easy to follow instructions and beautiful, inspiring photographies.
  • All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free.
  • The recipes are based on the latest scientific research on nutrition and health.
  • The book includes a comprehensive introduction to the principles of anti-inflammatory eating.
  • The book contains chapters, categories, that describe different health conditions and how we can strengthen our body to improve/alleviate them. The recipes that are especially suitable for each specific category are clearly indicated with symbols.

Who is The healing kitchen for?

The Healing Kitchen is a cookbook for everyone who wants to live a healthy life and is curious about the impact of food on our ability to self-heal. The recipes are anti-inflammatory and help you balance both blood sugar and hormones, while providing you with long-lasting energy. But above all, The Healing Kitchen is a celebration of food and an inspiration to enjoy cooking.

Who is Doctor Diamantis?

Diamantis Koukouvinos, more known as Doctor Diamantis, is a physician trained in Chinese medicine, naturopathy, and functional medicine. Based in his clinic in Stockholm, he creates customised tools for his patients and assists them on their journey to better health. Diamantis’ passion is to raise awareness of our bodies’ ability to self-heal and to share his knowledge of how we, through active lifestyle and diet choices, can support our health. Read more about Diamantis here.

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