Who’s Erika?

I am a writer, certified editor, bibliotherapist and literary consultant with twenty-five years’ experience as a translator, article & feature writer. I’m also the author of Rudolf von Ripper. Un artista con un fusil (read more about the book here). As a multilingual content writer I work with four languages on a native level, which saves everyone involved plenty of time. My services are hired by publishing houses, literary agencies, businesses and individuals. At the moment, I’m combining my work as a translator at Harper Collins Nordic with author representation, coaching — and a few more things!

From pencil to red ink

When you work with texts and also have a passion for reading, work and leisure unavoidably blend together. Moreover, once trained in edition and proofreading, the way you perceive a text is forever altered; force of habit, I suppose! I’ve always taken notes while reading, but throughout the years I’ve upgraded from a pencil to a red pen and book darts…

After coursing Literary Studies | Comparative Literature (University of Gothenburg) I have taken countless courses and a master’s degree, all related to literature, writing and editorial services, including editorial design. Supplementary studies are like an extra oxygen intake to me, as well as necessary updates (I have listed the most relevant ones at the bottom of this page). Workshops, seminars and fairs inspire in a similar way — and present valuable opportunities for making connections in the literary world.

I have both a professional and a personal interest in keeping a close eye on the publishing world; new releases, literary debuts, catalogues and of course literary prizes. The shortlists usually include refreshing, unexpected names and, moreover, they reflect the industry’s current trends and tendencies. It’s fascinating to observe different countries’ markets and understand the pattern — and to be one step ahead on a client’s behalf.

I use this space not only to showcase my services, but also to share impressions and opinions on books I’ve read and on literature related topics. I’m an omnivorous reader and enjoy classic works as much as contemporary novels, biographies and non-fiction books. In addition, I have developed a steadily increasing interest in poetry.

Life beyond books

I love taking photos and editing them, hence the two no-go items in my handbag: the book I’m currently reading and the camera in my iPhone! Furthermore, I tend to see content material for social media everywhere and strive to capture small, easily overlooked details.

The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.

  • Courses in American Poetry and Modernist Poetry (Harvard University)
  • Falkens Författarskola (Creative Writing Online School, Sweden)
  • Gotham Writers Workshop
  • Master in Edition and Literary Consultancy (Barcelona)
  • Public Library Management (University of Michigan)
  • Bibliotherapy, Literature and Mental Health
  • Editing Mastery Course with Shani Raja
  • Editorial Book Design & Layout with InDesign
  • Digital Marketing with Pinterest Business
  • Instagram Strategy for Business Growth