Feature Writing, Content Writing and Copywriting

As a freelance writer, I offer feature writing services, such as content writing and copywriting in different languages; magazine articles, website and blog content… within a wide range of areas and topics. As I am fluent in multiple languages I create texts and/or translations simultaneously, which saves both parts time and money!

Whether you’re a company that provides your customers with IT support and online services or a publishing company in search of content writers/copywriters able to provide diverse texts and articles —maybe in more than one language?— I can help you out! I have a long experience in covering a vast number of topics and themes, engaging the reader and the target group.


I have twenty-five years of experience in translating and work actively with texts within a wide range of areas, subjects and target groups. I work primarily with Swedish, English, Spanish and Catalan texts. Contact me for rates and more information.

Social Media Content and Management

Do you have a business and you’re aware of the fact that you should be visible on social media, but you don’t have the time —or interest— to spend on marketing yourself? Then look no further! I’m a certified strategist for the two platforms that currently offer the most powerful tools to upgrade your business or personal brand: Instagram and Pinterest.

Together we will decide on the best strategy for transmitting your concept to social media, respecting your philosophy and ideas. I will then create and manage a content plan that will make your business and brand stand out, always reflecting your authentic image. I only use original photography for your product, never material from image banks and do all the image editing myself, in accordance to the established colour scheme and theme. The captions are creative and original, with engaging featured content, always with your target group and followers in mind.

We will also make sure that your product, your brand, your website and your social image all blend together into one coherent concept.


For estimates, fees and references, contact me by email on or send me a message here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.

Dorothy Parker