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The Gratitude Journal | by The Letter Lab

When I decided to get serious about journaling a few years back, I went on a quest for the perfect gratitude journal… only to discover that none of them (and there are a massive amount of journals out there!) had the layout and prompts I was after.

The ideal gratitude journal

All the journals I examined were either dated, meaning I wouldn’t be able to start or end when I chose to (and would have to leave blank pages if I missed certain days). The prompts felt uninspiring, boring or simply not well-researched. The layout was ugly (!), there were either too few or too many pages, the spine was not flexible for comfortable writing, And so on. So what do you do? Exactly: you design the ideal gratitude journal yourself!

The non-negotiables

The non-negotiables that I look for in a gratitude journals are:

  1. Simplicity. Easy, short morning prompts/questions with the intention to evoke the right mood and state. It’s hard to stick to a new routine! Most times we quit, only to feel disappointed in ourselves, so these first steps need to be easy and achievable.
  2. Evening questions/prompts need to be of a more reflective character , but should still only take a few minutes to complete. The evening procedure should create a positive and grateful state and make you feel both confident and proud of your progress, but also patient and forgiving towards setbacks.
  3. Weekly reviews are crucial for self-knowledge. Listing challenges, how you handled them, and lessons learned is key. The weekly review should also track your good habits and identify what grounded you versus what slowed you down.
  4. Inspirational, encouraging quotes are a must!
  5. Undated pages. No pressure.
  6. Layouts covering three months, which is the time we know it takes to build a habit.
  7. A final summary section allows for reflections on the benefits of journalling journey and the shifts you’ve experienced.
  8. A page for personal notes. Your space.
  9. Affirmation list for inspiration, pep-talk, daily reminders…
  10. Finally, the cover should be soft to the touch, the paper cream coloured, the spine flexible and the design discreet, but attractive.


The Gratitude Journal makes it simple and pleasurable to develop a daily gratitude habit and a more positive outlook on life — in only a few minutes a day! If this resonates with you, click here to grab your copy of The Letter Lab Gratitude Journal and welcome more gratitude and joy into your life!

The journalling habit

Turn your journalling habit into a special ritual: light a candle, use your favourite pen, have a nice cup of tea or coffee brewing.. this is your moment. Unwind after a long day with some quality time for reflection. Through journalling, you’ll develop a surprising ability to identify patterns and triggers in your life. This newfound self-awareness empowers you to deal with them effectively, not just for yourself, but also in your interactions with others.

The morning prompts will help you set your intentions for the day. Start with a focused mind, and watch your goals come to life!

Nothing is too insignificant

Nothing is too insignificant to be grateful for. Journalling helps you develop this awareness and savour the little moments in life. The few minutes it takes to practice gratitude will soon become the highlights of your day!

The design

The Gratitude Journal’s 6×9” size makes it easy to slip into your handbag, tote or backpack on those days you wish to carry it with you. The discreet, minimalist design inspires to creativity and the soft, matte cover makes it the perfect companion on your desk, on your kitchen table or on your bedside table for those last reflections to wrap up the day.

Benefits from journalling

Studies have shown that gratitude journalling comes with a wide range of psychological and emotional benefits:

  • increased self-esteem
  • improved sleep
  • improved ability to live in the present moment
  • increased calm and mindfulness
  • increased joy and happiness
  • increased focus and determination
  • increased inner strength
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • increased empathy and compassion
  • improved relationships
  • increased self-knowledge

The Gratitude Journal in detail

  • The Gratitude Journal has mindfulness-based layouts with separate morning and evening sections. The morning routine gives you a positive, optimized start to the day, whereas the evening routine focuses on self-reflection, wrapping up your day and setting your intentions for the following day.
  • The weekly review is useful for dismantling behavioural patterns and recurrent reactions. Based on your daily notes, you will identify highlights and challenges (and what you learned from them), key moments of peace & balance, strength & determination, as well as keep track of your resolutions and good habits. You will strengthen your self-image with exercises that focus on positivity and self-acceptance.
  • At the end of the journal a summary will help you evaluate the benefits from the daily gratitude practice, the challenges you have overcome and what the journalling has taught you.
  • An extra page for your personal notes and observations allows you to delve further into your experience and thoughts.
  • The list of affirmations gives you an instant positive energy boost and is a powerful tool to return to as often as you want or need to. Read it out loud, use your favourite lines in your meditation, copy them on post-its and stick them on your mirror, on the fridge… everywhere!
  • The layouts are undated, which means that you can take a break without wasting any pages and also start the journal at any time of the year.
  • Studies show that it takes more than 2 months to form a new habit. This 90 day Gratitude Journal will not only help you build a healthy habit, but also guide you on your journey to a more positive, focused and happier you. Investing only a few minutes a day in yourself will have a huge impact on your well-being and your ability to face everyday challenges.

Sharing is Caring!

Remember: sharing is caring! The Gratitude Journal is the perfect gift! Click here to order the Gratitude Journal for a loved one!

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.

Tony Robbins
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Ingela Andersson
Ingela Andersson
10 days ago

We are so inspired to have your wonderful gratitude journal. So easy to fill out and has a lovely layout with the affirmation list etc. A very good pep talk for me and my daughter. We just love it and recommend everyone to try it. Really a good and fun way to de-stress, sort out your thoughts and put them in print. Grateful to have this little gem! Big hug from us, Ingela & Julia.